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We focus on:

Human Resources Consultancy and Leadership development


Human Resources Consultancy 人力資源諮商服務

I.Talent Acquisition and Identification人才獲取與界定

A.Recruiting strategy and headhunting 招聘策略與「獵頭」

B.Psychological assessment心理評估

C.Competency-Based Interview Skill 能力為本面試

D.Talent Assessment Center 人才評核中心

II.Talent Management 人才管理

A.Corporate culture 企業文化

B.Competency management 核心能力管理

III.Talent Development人才發展

A.Development Center人才發展中心

B.Executive Coaching 高級行政人員諮商指導

C.Team building團隊建立

IV.Talent Retention人才保留

A.Performance management績效管理

B.Talent Pool/Pipeline 人才庫/梯隊

V.Organizational development 組織發展

A.Succession planning繼任規劃

B.Employee engagement提升員工投入度


Leadership Development Coaching and Training領袖發展諮商指導及培訓

 I.Coaching 諮商指導

A.Executive Coaching高級行政人員諮商指導

B.Performance Coaching提升績效諮商指導

C.Team Coaching 團隊諮商指導

D.Career Coaching 職業生涯諮商指導

E.Life Coaching 人生諮商指導

II.Corporate Training企業培訓

A.Leadership Development領袖發展

1.Executive Level高級行政人員

a.Value Deposition價值沉澱

b.Leadership Style領導風格

c.Strategic Planning策略性規劃

d.Talent Competition Strategy人才競爭策略

e.Change Management蛻變管理

f.Managing Diversity管理多樣化的員工

2.Management and Supervisory Level

a.Mindset Transformation改造心態

b.Essential Management Skill管理技巧要素

c.Coaching & Mentoring 員工指導與培育


e.Team Building and Engagement團隊建立與維繫

f.Communication for Results溝通至勝之道

g.Marketing Strategy & Management 市場策略與管理

h.Financial Management for Line Managers 一線經理財務管理

i.Human Resources Strategy & Management 人力資源策略與管理

3.Frontline Staff Level

a.Communication 溝通

b.Motivation 激勵

c.Interpersonal skill 人際關係

d.Customer service 客戶服務

e.Team building團隊建立

f.Interviewing skills 面試技巧

g.Presentation skills 演說技巧

h.Professional image and business etiquette 專業形象及商業禮儀

i.Stress management 壓力管理

HR Outsourcing service

Employee Assistance Programme (Service) 僱員支援服務

Counseling (Service and Training) 輔導服務

Interested parties are welcome to contact Dr. William Tong at 6159-3724 or email:, for details.  

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