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Executive Coaching
Kathryn Foxhall described executive coaching in her article in Monitor of Psychology as follows:

"... is about helping an executive identify his or her strengths and weaknesses and address both, but other areas of focus many include: 

  • Serving as a sounding board for strategic decision-making.
  • Coaching a newly promoted employee who has never supervised before.
  • Helping employees manage their stress.
  • Helping a team "fight fair" as its members divide up resources for their parts of a make-or-break product development.
  • Aiding in the "management of uncertainty" in these days when there can be five or six "right" strategies that could be pursued.
  • Mediating conflicts between executives. A coach often has a kind of temporary authority, say several of the experts, to tell top leaders what no one else can."
Foxhall K. (April, 2002) More psychologists are attracted to the executive coaching field, Monitor on Psychology, 33, (4 )

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