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About us
Your discovery journey for inner peace starts here...
We are registered under the corporate identity of Karawell International Limited, and operate as Amazing Transformation.  We provide psychotherapy to individuals who wish to live a fuller life, break loose from the maladies of mental disturbances and enjoy the inner peace of life as inner strengths develop.

We extend our services to include life coaching especially for those who wish to find clarity in their direction in the maze of life.

In the corporate world, we also offers corporate training services based on sound psychological theories and knowledge on leadership, motivation, team building and communication to those companies which are committed to change. As we see the increasing demand in management services not only in the social work sector, but also in the business sector especially in the area of soft skills, we have developed coaching services for our institutional / corporate clients / entrepreneurs to help their managers develop management skills. 

We are committed to offer quality services to facilitate transformation.

Our World View
In this less than perfect world that we all live in, people find themselves lost in the maze of life. Seldom do many of us have time to pause for a while and discover our inner strength.
Our Mission
We pledge to bring the best out of people by facilitating a transformation which help people discover who they are, what they want and how they live their lives.
Our belief
We believe that for everything that happens, there is a purpose and a reason.
Our invitation
We welcome you to take pride in finding out for yourself this greater being inside you, a being that is built with the image of God in mind. You are greater than what you see!
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